Being well means having a balance between not only the different systems in the body, but also between the physiological, physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual systems that we are a part of. This is represented in the star logo of Sitara Wellbeing, both in terms of health and in terms of collaboration, living and learning together with others. Below is a description for what it means for social and cultural collaboration.

The square represents the context. We are all part of a particular context, and that context will affect us directly, who we become and how we engage in life. There are four parts to this: our social context, our work/study context, our cultural context and our environmental context. At the points of intersection we impact, and are impacted by, the context we are a part of.

The outer circle represents the individual. Who we are affects how we engage in the context we are in, it affects how we deal with our experiences. What we experience shapes who we are. The circle includes our frames of reference, our genes, our behaviour.

The sides of one of the dented triangles represent driving forces that impact why we do what we do. These are power, energy & values, and fear. The sides of the second triangle represents participation, communication and reflection. The lines of the triangle are curved rather than straight, to illustrate that these are processes that are not linear. The lines connect and intersect: these processes are deeply interactive.

The smaller circle intersecting the triangles represents the attitude we have in our interactions with eachother: respectful curiosity and cultural reflectiveness.

For more on this, read our book Crossing borders. Living and learning together in a colourful world, coming soon.